defective tire lawyer can help you with a claim  
defective tire lawyer
defective tire lawyer  
defective tire lawyer can help you with a claim

When is a tire recall necessary?
If the tire does not comply with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard or there is a safety-related defect present in the tire than a tire recall like Continental's recent tire recall. There are minimum performance levels for tires that have been set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to protect drivers and passengers from death or serious injury.

Tread Separation
A report that was released in October 2001 from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration said that the tread separations studied in the Bridgestone and Firestone accidents reduced the ability of a driver to control the vehicle, especially when the tire failure occurred on a rear tire and at high speeds. There was a much greater likelihood for death, injury, and crashes resulting when the tread separation occurred on an SUV rather than a pickup truck.



defective tire lawyer

Continental Tire Recall

The Continental tire recall involves the P275/60R17 size of the ContiTrac AW and General Graber AW tires that came out of the Mayfield, Kentucky Continental plant. The Continental tires have Transportation Department codes ending with numbers ranging from 109 to 4400, indicating the recalled tires were manufactured between March 1999 and October 2000.

In the largest defective tire recall since the Bridgestone and Firestone announcement in October 2001, Continental Tire North America is recalling more than half a million tires that have been installed on Ford SUVs due to tread separation. At least one accident resulting in the death of six people in an SUV rollover is being investigated to determine if it was directly caused from a Continental tire tread separation. Based on documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Continental learned of the accident involving their tires in May, but Continental said in the NHTSA reports that they have not completed a thorough investigation to determine if their tires were at fault for the deaths.

Continental began investigating their tires July 12, 2002, which eventually led to the August 19, 2002 recall announcement. The Continental tire recall will cost the company an estimated $19 million. Since the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was enacted in 1966, there have been 24 million tires recalled due to safety defects.

If you experienced a tread separation because of a Continental recalled tire, please contact us to learn more about your rights.

About Tread Separations

Tread separations, like the recent Continental tire recall, is a very dangerous defect that results in death, injury, and destruction of property.
Tread Separations


Tire Safety

Consumers demanded more focus on safety assurances after the highly publicized massive
Bridgestone and Firestone recall of 6.5 million tires.
  Tire Safety

Bridgestone and Firestone Recall News

Bridgestone and Firestone announces tire recall after 5 deaths are linked -February 26, 2004
A recall was issued on about 490,000 Steeltex tires that has so far been linked to 14 SUV crashes leaving five people dead.   read more

The Bridgestone and Firestone recall that occurred last October was linked to 271 U.S. traffic deaths in addition to thousands of accidents.    read more

contact a defective tire lawyer to learn about the Continental recall.What vehicles does the Continental tire recall affect?

The over half a million Continental tires that have been recalled affect Ford Motor Co. SUVs that were installed as original equipment on 106,701 two-wheel-drive Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs from the 2000 and 2001 model years. There were also about 60,000 additional Continental tires sold as replacements on light trucks, totaling 596,610.

What is being done about the Continental tire recall?

Owners of the affected SUVs will receive a letter from Continental within a month of the August 19th announcement of where to get free replacement tires. Ford also said they had incorrectly labeled the tire pressure for the rear wheels on 81,774 two-wheel drive Expedition and Navigator SUVs from the 2000 model year, with some of the tires inclusive of the Continental tire recall. Ford will be mailing new labels to owners. Continental did not disclose how many tread separations had occurred in their investigation, but they did comment that most complaints had involved uneven wear and vibrations with the tires.


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